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Triple Triad Extreme - 3.5.1 Patch Notes

4/1/2012 3:47:29 AM by atomicstorm

The following changes were made to the client and the website as part of the version 3.5.1 patch:

  • Links on the client have been changed to reflect our new system.
  • Rules list no longer requires an exteranl source to populate.
  • The client chat UI has been shuffled around to be more organized.
  • The rush gauge has been removed from the game. It will be replaced by something else in a later patch.
  • We now have a 250x250 ad that rotates in the client that will be used mostly for offers and internal links such as the auction house or game store.
  • The lumi rulesets have been removed from the game.
  • The avatar on the UI and the ability to purchase avatars, in current form, have been removed from the game. Existing avatars will still show in the challenge and game windows until they are officially changed.
  • The daily and weekly jackpots have been removed from the game along with the participate options in client.
  • Survival Mode: Every hour, someone in the client who has recently played a game, will be marked. The jackpot will be won if the person is able to win 10 games in Triple Triad with a certain ruleset (which will be randomly assigned) from 10 different players/IPs. If the player loses, the person who won will now be marked. If the player leaves a game or logs out, that is an auto-forfeit.
  • Decks: Final Fantasy 5 was added to the game.
  • Veteran Experience exchange for crystals instead of tokens is functional.
  • Ranks are now unfrozen
  • Non players no longer show in the player list.
  • An issue with redeeming a membership in the store has been resolved.

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